What you need to know

  • Barnes & Noble has announced a new e-reader in the form of the Nook GlowLight 4e.
  • The new Kindle competitor will sell for $119.99 and pre-orders are now open.
  • The new device has a 6-inch E ink screen.

If you want an e-reader and don’t want a Kindle, there’s a new option in town.

Apple’s iPads are great at all kinds of things but they’re not particularly good at being e-readers, probably because that isn’t what they are. Amazon’s Kindle is a particularly good e-reader and now it has some new competition in the form of Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight 4e.

Designed to be a cheaper version of the existing GlowLight 4, this new offering will set buyers back $119.99 and they can pre-order it now. For their money they’ll get an E Ink display that comes in at 6 inches and 212 ppi, according to The Verge’s report. It’s powered by USB-C and has 8GB of internal storage, which is fair if not groundbreaking. The product is more costly than the Kindle’s $89.99 asking price, but it has a slightly better screen so there’s that.

  • Perfect lightweight eReader for on the go or staying home
  • 8GB of storage houses an ample digital library
  • Adjustable front light makes reading easy on the eyes
  • Physical buttons or finger-swiping turns pages
  • Members save 10% off all NOOK tablets, eReaders, and accessories

One thing the LowLight 4e can boast over its competition is the addition of old-fashioned buttons for changing pages, something Amazon ditched a while ago. The best Kindles Amazon sells today are all about swiping and tapping, something that could put plenty of people off. For those, the GlowLight 4e could be the better option.

Those people will need to wait a little while for their new e-reader to arrive, however. Barnes & Noble says that it’ll begin shopping on June 7 in any color you like — so long as that happens to be black.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/barnes-noble-wants-save-you-reading-ipad-its-new-e-reader