Baba is You, the rules-bending puzzler from indie developer Hempuli Oy, will be getting a built-in level editor next year. Given the fact that Baba is You is all about ‘editing’ elements of the game itself, that’s not a huge surprise – but what’s perhaps more unexpected is that using the level editor, you’ll be able to share you own custom-made conundrums with players on any other platform.

Hempuli Oy announced the level editor in a tweet earlier today. “Baba is You will get a level editor in 2020, and it’ll feature online level-sharing!” they write, adding that more details will be available later.

Fans had questions immediately, of course, and the developer was kind enough to field a few. One player asked about cross compatibility – Baba is You is available on Steam and, as well as on the Nintendo Switch.

“Yes, the online level selection will be the same for all platforms it’s available on,” Hepuli Oy replied. That suggests, rather definitively, that levels created in Baba is You’s editor will be uploaded and downloaded from the same servers, so you’ll be able to swap creations with your friends no matter where they’re playing.

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