If you’re wondering what to get in the Steam Summer sale, Arma 3 might be a good option. Bohemia Interactive has assembled a new bundle of Arma products into what they’re calling the Arma 3 Ultimate Edition, and it’s on sale now.

The Arma 3 Ultimate Edition is Arma 3 and every piece of DLC Bohemia has put out for it. That includes the all-important Apex expansion, all the vehicle DLCs, the Tac-Ops and Laws of War expansions, Marksmen, and even the new Contact DLC that throws a whole new X-Files spin on Arma’s true-to-life military simulation.

The Steam Sale is the time to get it, too. Each individual product is discounted for the sale, but there’s an additional 25% knocked off the total as part of the bundle pricing. That means it’s dropping from $140.99 USD / £107.10 down to $56.55 / £43.16.

Arma 3 is getting a bit rusty around the edges, but make no mistake: it’s still a terrific military sim and this package is a massive amount of content. For single-player enthusiasts, there are multiple campaigns here, and the multiplayer scene around Arma 3 is still thriving.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/arma-3/ultimate-edition-sale