Apple employees will be closing those rings for the next month.

What you need to know

  • Apple’s yearly Activity Challenge for employees is going on right now.
  • The challenge had been delayed due to the pandemic.
  • Those who complete the challenge will receive a special edition t-shirt and pin.

Every year, Apple hosts an employee fitness challenge in February as part of Heart Month to encourage its team to close the rings on their Apple Watch.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple decided to postpone the challenge since many of its stores and offices in China were closed.

The Close Your Rings Challenge is one of those rare opportunities to bring team members and colleagues from around the world together with a common purpose to close our rings, earn some points, and have fun. With a number of our offices and stores closed in China right now and some of our team members unable to participate, we’ve decided to postpone 2020 Close Your Rings Challenge. At this time, our Challenge will be removed from the Challenges app … We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a new date when we can all focus together in closing our rings!

Reported by MacRumors, Apple has finally brought the challenge back. Employees will have until August 16th to complete the challenge and win a limited-edition t-shirt and gold, silver, or bronze pin.

According to an Apple employee that spoke to MacRumors, Apple is reinstating the challenge this week, with the event expected to end on August 16. Employees who finish the challenge will be rewarded with a t-shirt that says “2020” in a logo with Apple Watch Activity-style rings … Employees who complete the challenge each day will earn a “gold” ranking and will receive a gold pin along with their t-shirt, and there are also silver and bronze rewards accompanied by silver and bronze pins.

While this challenge is specifically for employees, Apple regularly hosts activity challenges for anyone with an Apple Watch, so keep an eye out for the next challenge you can participate in.

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