Apple’s media event on December 2 is going to be about its Favorite Apps and Games of 2019.

What you need to know

  • Apple is holding a media event on December 2 in New York City.
  • It will be about “Honoring Favorite Apps and Games of 2019.”
  • No new hardware is expected to be announced.

Apple has just sent out invites to the media for a December 2 event, “Honoring Favorite Apps and Games of 2019.” The event will be held in New York City at 4 pm Eastern Time.

The invitation that was sent out simply states that Apple will be honoring its “favorite apps and games of 2019.” This is the first time that Apple will be holding such an event, so there is not much known about what this event is going to entail.

However, Apple usually does share their picks for favorite apps and games by the end of the year, and features their choices prominently on the App Store, mostly during the first few days of December. This year, it seems that they will start holding a full event for their app and game picks, along with a possible awards ceremony.

Traditionally, Apple always has “Best of the Year” offerings that highlight their favorites in games, apps, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. Last year, they had an announcement stating that they will be focusing on content that shaped entertainment and culture all over the globe.

Due to the specific wording in the invitation, we are assuming that there will be no hardware announced at this event. But we are still expecting Apple to release the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR sometime in December, so there may be a mention of this during the December 2 event, but take that with a grain of salt. No more hardware refreshes aside from that are expected for 2019.

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