Learn about all the symptoms and how to care for your mask.

What you need to know

  • Apple has updated its COVID-19 app and website.
  • The update brings the list of known symptoms in line with CDC guidelines.
  • It also brings new information about how to care for a cloth mask.

Apple has released another major update to its COVID-19 app, two sources of verified information to help us understand the coronavirus, check for symptoms, and get help if needed.

Today’s update, version 3.0 of the app, updates the recognized symptoms, and recommended actions in order to match the current guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control. Apple has also added tips for how to use and care for a cloth mask, something many of us will be required to wear when in public for a while.

The update also notes support for additional languages, bug fixes, and performance improvements. The full details of the update are below:

This update includes additional language support, bug fixes and improvements, including:

• Updated symptoms and recommended actions to align with latest CDC guidelines
• Tips for using a cloth mask to protect yourself and others

You can find the full list of COVID-19 symptoms under the “About COVID-19” section of the app and website. Information about masks can be found under the “What You Can Do” section.

This is the second major update to the COVID-19 app. Last month, Apple added the ability for users to select a state of residence to see guidance from their state’s health department as well as tips to help you keep yourself and those that your care about physically and mentally healthy.

You can download the Apple COVID-19 app from the App Store or visit the Apple COVID-19 website.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apples-covid-19-app-updated-cdc-symptoms-and-mask-care-tips