Take a tour of a moon base from 1974.

What you need to know

  • Apple has posted a tour of Jamestown Base from For All Mankind.
  • The tour is hosted by astronaut Garrett Reisman.
  • Reisman shows how the technology of the era could have built such a base.

While the first season of For All Mankind may be over, it doesn’t mean we have to wait until season two for more awesome space content. Apple has posted a new video to the Apple TV YouTube channel that takes viewers on a tour of Jamestown Base, the United States’ permanent outpost on the moon in the series.

“Mankind has always been fascinated by the moon. And traveling there was one of humanity’s greatest achievements. But what if landing on the moon was just the beginning? Welcome to Jamestown, 1974.”

The tour is hosted by astronaut Garrett Reisman and shows off how the technology of the Apollo era could have been used to build such a base.

“Jamestown Base is the first permanent outpost established on the moon. Built for exploration and research, it’s designed to house three astronauts for three months at a time. It’s not exactly a five-star hotel. Space is confined, and privacy is almost nonexistent. But compared to the LEM, it’s actually pretty roomy.

Reisman closes the video by asking us to imagine how a base with today’s technology might look, and that living on the moon may not be as far off as we think.

“Jamestown shows what a moon base could have looked like in the Apollo era. It’s as realistic as possible given the technology of the time. I’m Garrett Reisman, former NASA astronaut and crew member for the Internation Space Station. I’m also the technical advisor on For All Mankind. Now we’ve come a long way since the Apollo era. I mean, think of what a moon base could look like with the technology of today. Maybe the idea of living on the moon is actually closer than we think.”

You can watch the full walkthrough video below:

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-takes-us-tour-nasas-jamestown-base-all-mankind