What you need to know

  • Apple Myeongdong is now open to customers.
  • The new retail store is located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.
  • Customers do currently need an appointment to visit the store.

Apple is now welcoming customers to its latest Apple Store.

Apple has finally opened the door to its latest Apple Store in South Korea.

Today, the company opened the doors of Apple Myeongdong, its new retail location in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. Customers in the area can now visit the store to purchase Apple products, get repairs, and learn a range of topics with the beloved Today at Apple series.

Apple previously stated on the location’s webpage that, due to safety concerns, visitors will need to make a reservation in order to get into the store on opening day. Reservations closed on April 7 so, if you did not make a reservation by then, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get into the store for its grand opening.

The largest Apple Store in Korea is coming soon to the heart of Myeong-dong, where people from all over the world continue to visit, in the heart of splendid Seoul. Through this store, we aim to provide a source of inspiration that is open to all, where imagination and creativity are constantly springing up. Apple Myeong-dong, a place where you and us can communicate and inspire each other. With everyone’s sparkling ideas, a brightly shining place awaits you.

We would like to welcome everyone, but the most important thing is safety. Therefore, visits to Apple Myeong-dong on Saturday, April 9 are by reservation only, and the number of people in the store is limited.

Reservations can be made on this page from 8:00 am on April 7th.

Apple Myeong-dong is the third Apple Store in South Korea. The company already has two other locations in the country: Apple Yeouido and Apple Garosugil.

We’ll be sure to update this article or get a new post up when Apple shares photos of the opening as the company usually does.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-myeongdong-now-open-south-korea