What you need to know

  • Apple Music is getting more expensive for those on its Student plan.
  • The price is only increasing in specific countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and others.
  • The price increase doesn’t appear to be a huge one, thankfully.

Apple Music is putting its prices up for some people, depending on which country they are in.

Apple Music is getting more costly for some people who take advantage of its discounted Student plan. Featuring all the same features as the standard Individual plan, the Student offering normally costs around half the price. But that price is changing in some countries.

While the price change isn’t going into force everywhere, MacRumors reports that some of those that will see a price hike include students in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Israel, and Kenya.

Apple is now sending emails to customers to warn them that they will see a price increase — one example saw the price increase from $1.49 per month to $1.99 per month in South Africa.

Thank you for subscribing to Apple Music. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to this subscription.

Apple is raising the price of this subscription from USD 1.49 per month to USD 1.99 per month. Your subscription will automatically renew for USD 1.99 per month starting on 20 June unless you cancel at least one day before.

While the price change isn’t a huge one, some will wonder why Apple Music needs the extra money in the first place. Regardless, the new price is sure to be considerably lower than the comparable Individual subscription, ensuring students continue to save money by taking advantage of the special offer.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-music-getting-more-costly-some-its-discounted-student-plan