What you need to know

  • Apple’s first iOS 15.5 beta is now in the hands of developers.
  • A new report suggests Apple will rename the current iTunes Pass to something more on-brand.

Apple’s changing the way its iTunes Pass works and giving it a new name to boot.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 15.5 update could be set to rebrand the iTunes Pass that currently lives in the Wallet app. It’s thought that the new name will be Apple Account Card once iOS 15.5 ships to the public.

Apple made iOS 15.5 available to developers today and while it’s only the first beta release, one change appears to foreshadow a bigger one coming later this year. 9to5Mac reports that internal iOS files point to a new Apple Account Card replacing the iTunes Pass card within the Wallet app.

The current iTunes Pass card uses your App Store and iTunes credit and can be used to buy products in Apple Stores via its included QR code. The new Apple Account Card appears to be more similar to Apple Card in the way it looks and functions, allowing it to be used like any other Apple Pay-enabled card.

As analyzed by 9to5Mac, iTunes Pass will become a new card called “Apple Account.” This card will be displayed in the Wallet app just like the Apple Card and the Apple Cash card. This way, instead of having to show the QR Code when shopping at an Apple Store, the user will be able to complete the purchase using Apple Pay.

Apple hasn’t enabled the feature, even for beta testers, so it’s likely we’re still some way off it being formally announced. It might not even make it to iOS 15.5, although it does seem likely that it wouldn’t be in the first beta if it wasn’t going to make it into a final release. We’ll all be keeping our eyes on future betas, and Apple’s Newsroom, for more information over the next days and weeks.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-might-rename-wallet-apps-itunes-pass-when-ios-155-ships