Apple Silicon is getting its own event this year.

What you need to know

  • Apple is holding another event this year.
  • The purpose of the event will be to unveil its first Mac based on Apple Silicon.
  • Jon Prosser says that the event may kick off on November 17.

Jon Prosser posted to Twitter tonight saying that there will definitely be another Apple event happening this year and that it will focus on the company’s first Mac-based on Apple Silicon.

Prosser also says that, to his knowledge, the event will kick off on November 17.

Apple has said that it would be releasing its first Apple Silicon-based Mac by the end of the year, so this seems like a reasonable prediction. The shift from Intel to Apple’s own processors is a huge moment for the Mac, so it would make sense that Apple would hold an event to talk about the first Mac to feature Apple Silicon.

It is still unclear what the first Apple Silicon-based Mac will be, but rumors so far point to a new MacBook Pro. There are also rumors that the MacBook Air may come first or that Apple may even resurrect the discontinued 12-inch MacBook as the first Apple Silicon-based Mac.

It is also still unclear if a new processor will also come with a new design. Apple just recently refreshed the design of the MacBook Air, but the MacBook Pro hasn’t seen a huge design update since the launch of the TouchBar.

As we wait for the first Mac with Apple Silicon, Apple is preparing to launch pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro beginning tomorrow.

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