What you need to know

  • Apple may have already landed a deal to acquire the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • One source says that the deal is already done.
  • The author of the report says that the programming is “Apple’s to lose.”

“Friday Night Baseball” may have only been the beginning.

Apple may have already landed the deal to carry “NFL Sunday Ticket” on its streaming service.

According to a new report by Puck News, the deal is now apparently “Apple’s to lose.” Matthew Belloni, an editor for the news website, reported that one source said that the deal is actually already done but is being kept quiet at Apple’s request right now.

“It’s Apple’s to lose, at this point. (One source told me this weekend that the deal is actually done and is being kept quiet at Apple’s request, which I haven’t confirmed and don’t know for a fact; Apple isn’t commenting.)”

While this is a shaky report at best, it does line up with earlier reports that the company was the NFL’s preferred partner going forward with the package.

It also makes sense that the company is going after the deal. Apple, just two weeks ago, debuted “Friday Night Baseball” on Apple TV+ in a partnership with the MLB. While the early reviews of the coverage have been mixed, especially with people’s opinions of the commentators, the video quality of the broadcast has been widely cheered.

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Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-may-have-already-landed-nfl-sunday-ticket