Apple’s upcoming TV Plus service is expected to be launched soon. While it is a paid subscription, in a bid to get people to subscribe, Apple will be giving away a year’s subscription to those who purchase the company’s products, like its brand new iPhones, but what if you can’t get people to buy your phones?

It turns out that giving them away could be the next best thing, which is what Apple did in a rare and pretty massive giveaway where during The Ellen Show, it was announced that all audience members in attendance would be given a free iPhone 11 which comes with a year’s subscription to Apple TV Plus.

This particular episode of The Ellen Show featured Jennifer Aniston, who will be having her own series on Apple TV Plus called “The Morning Show”. This giveaway was preceded by another Apple giveaway where actress Reese Witherspoon, also starring in “The Morning Show”, gave everyone in the audience a free Apple TV device.

Like we said, it is pretty rare that Apple does giveaways of this magnitude, and even more rare that it involves the iPhone. However, Apple has been trying to get more subscriptions and so they are hoping that these giveaways will translate into a larger subscriber base that will carry on for the years to come.

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