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  • Apple teamed up with Jared Polin to give away a “Dream Studio Makeover.”
  • Polin posted a video of him giving away a ton of Apple products to aspiring filmmaker Cam Blumberg.
  • Apple gave Blumberg a MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPhone 13 Pro, and more.

That’s what a dream studio makeover looks like.

Apple teamed up with YouTuber Jared Polin to give one lucky up-and-coming creator a “Dream Studio Makeover.”

As spotted by MacRumors, Polin, who runs the popular “Fro Knows Photo” YouTube channel, posted a video in which he gives away a ton of Apple products to Cam Blumberg, a photographer and aspiring documentary filmmaker.

Cam originally thought that he was invited to Polin’s studio for a simple tour, but things quickly took a turn and the surprise was revealed as Polin pulled out product after product to give to the up-and-coming creator.

You can watch the heartwarming video below:

Apple reached out to me about doing a “Dream Studio Makeover” for an up-and-coming creative. Someone who might benefit from new computers, someone who truly could use the gear. It wasn’t easy to find someone, but the person we found fit the bill perfectly.

Apple paired up with Polin to give away a ton of products including a 14-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPhone 13 Pro, and all of the accessories you would expect a photographer or filmmaker might need for shooting and editing.

If you want to see what Cam’s doing with all of the new gear, you can check out his work on Instagram.

Bottom line: Professionals should open their wallets and purchase a 2021 MacBook Pro. All others might want to pause and consider last year’s 13-inch model instead.

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