At the moment, the way electric cars are charged is by plugging it into a charger, much like our phones, tablets, and so on. This isn’t really an issue, but the problem is that we imagine that over time as more electric cars populate the market, it means that these charging stations could get quite busy.

However, it seems that Apple might have an idea that could address that issue: wireless charging. In a recently-discovered patent, it seems that Apple has come up with an idea that will allow electric cars to charge wirelessly. This means that in theory, a bunch of electric cars could be parked in a location that offers wireless charging and be charged up at once.

It also means that it is possible that parking lots could come with the technology that lets electric cars charge while they park. There is no word on when Apple plans on rolling out this tech, if at all, especially since this is only a patent and is more of an idea rather than indication of an actual product that Apple is working on.

It sounds like a pretty promising idea, although previously we have seen other companies come up with their own charging solutions, such as Toyota who created a concept electric car that comes with solar panels on the roof.

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