Apple rolled out the initial improvement last month.

What you need to know

  • Apple is rolling out a repair improvement to the iPhone X.
  • Technicians can now replace the True Depth camera system without replacing the entire phone.
  • The change was launched last month for the iPhone XS and later.

Apple has expanded True Depth camera repairs to the iPhone X, according to a new report.

From MacRumors:

Apple has expanded its program that allows customers to get their Face ID system repaired without replacing the entire device to the iPhone X, according to a memo seen by MacRumors. The ‌iPhone‌ X was initially excluded from the list for this program.

The update means that Apple technicians can now repair the True Depth camera across all of Apple’s best iPhones from the iPhone X onwards, so all of the iPhones that use Face ID. Not only will this reduce the price and possibly the turnaround time of repairs for such devices, it also frees up full unit swap parts for people who need them more, reducing the impact of repairs of the iPhone.

Apple has used Face ID across its flagship iPhone lineup since the iPhone X, and it continues to be the go-to biometric security measure in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

For customers who prefer Touch ID and don’t mind the old iPhone SE’s form factor, Apple has the iPhone SE, recently refreshed to include the A15 Bionic chip and an A5 processor, as well as camera improvements.

Bottom line: For what it’s worth, the iPhone SE (2022) is a fantastic value if you’re willing to make some sacrifices in features.

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