What you need to know

  • Apple has reportedly agreed to improve working hours for its retail employees.
  • Employees will now have a minimum of 12 hours between shifts.
  • Some stores are considering unionizing to help get better working conditions.

Apple is making changes to the way retail employees work.

Apple has reportedly agreed to make changes to the world schedules of its retail employees across the United States, making them more flexible in the process. The move comes as Apple comes under increasing pressure from workers who are considering unionizing to improve working conditions.

Apple is said to have told staff members at some stores that changes in scheduling will take place over the coming months.

Bloomberg has the details of the changes that are coming in.

  • A minimum of 12 hours in between shifts, an increase from the current minimum of 10 hours.
  • A maximum of three days per week when employees can work past 8 p.m., unless they choose to work late shifts.
  • Employees won’t be scheduled to work more than five days in a row, a change from a maximum of six days in a row. There could be exemptions during new product launches and holidays.
  • Full-time employees will be eligible for a dedicated weekend day off for each six-month period.

While some of the changes won’t kick in until later this year, others will begin to come into effect within the next few weeks. Apple also recently increased its minimum hourly pay rate from $20 to $22. All of this is taking place against a backdrop that includes various Apple retail outlets considering unionizing over their working conditions.

Apple retail will soon embark on its busiest period of the year as we get closer to the arrival of the new iPhone 14 lineup, a likely Apple Watch Series 8 release, and more hardware arrivals before 2022 draws to a close.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/apple-agrees-improved-retail-working-hours-union-talk-continues