Is there such a thing as too many magazines?

What you need to know

  • Apple News+ limits the number of magazines and channels you can follow.
  • iMore has confirmed that the limit maxes out at 250.
  • Apple apparently told an iMore reader that it doesn’t intend on lifting or expanding the limit.

In Apple News+, subscribers can easily follow magazines and channels to get the latest content automatically. When you follow a magazine, the latest issue will appear at the top of your News+ tab so you can easily see what’s new. You can literally follow hundreds of magazines and channels in News+, 250 to be exact, and yes, we counted. But apparently, there is a limit to what Apple thinks is an appropriate number of magazines and channels to follow.

An iMore reader contacted us about the issue (because we’d never been anywhere near reaching the limit ourselves) stating that, once the limit was reached, they received a popup message saying that in order to follow new content, they had to remove something else first.

We’ve confirmed that the limit is capped at 250 magazines and channels you can follow at once

The limitation was allegedly confirmed to the reader by an Apple Support employee, and iMore has since discovered Apple News+ does impose a limit of 250 magazines and channels a subscriber can follow at once.

By contrast, Texture, the service that Apple purchased before introducing Apple News+, offered unlimited follows. Texture, however, didn’t have more than about 100 or so magazines to follow at any given time.

According to the iMore reader, who asked to remain anonymous, Apple support said there were no plans to extend or lift the limit.

There are over 300 publications available through Apple News+, including Vogue, National Geographic, People, and the Los Angeles Times. You can read any and all of them at any time, but if you actually want to follow all of them, you’ll be stuck at 250.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

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