Magic: The Gathering Arena is out of beta now, and if you’ve never been a Magic player, you might find yourself intimidated by the Ur-CCG’s complex system of lands, summons, and combos. Fear not, though: the legendary Apollo Creed is here to help you train up.

Carl Weathers, who starred as boxing nemesis-turned-ally in the Rocky film series opposite Sylvester Stallone, takes a turn as a kindly Planeswalker in the latest trailer for Arena. In it, a teen named Sophia is at her laptop, losing a round of Arena to a friend online.

“You need to train,” he tells her.

Dejected, Sophia is ready to give up on the game, until a wizened, robed Weathers steps out of the huge Magic poster in her bedroom. He hands Sophia a cauliflower.

The rest of the trailer is a classic training montage by way of Magic: The Gathering’s boundless fantasy universe, with Sophia learning to hurl bolts of lightning, huffing uphill with a wheelbarrow full of enthusiastic zombie appendages, and learning the flying keyword with a pair of angelic wings.

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