Apex Legends season 3 has been the subject of plenty of leaks over the past few weeks, and today developer Respawn has confirmed what you can expect from the new release and when you’ll see it land. Season 3 is officially called Meltdown, and it will release on October 1 – compete with a new legend, new battle pass, and new weapon.

As you probably already know from leaks and in-game teases, that new legend is Crypto. He’s a hacker equipped with surveillance drones, which fits in with what we’ve heard about his abilities through dataminers. As noted on Dexerto, those leaked abilities include a drone that can hack doors, pick up loot, and transmit detection data to teammates, and an ult which distributes a massive EMP blast.

There’s also the charge rifle – a returning weapon from the Titanfall games. In those titles, it fires a beam of electricity after a brief charge period. It’s billed as an anti-Titan weapon in those games, but it works on smaller targets, too – expect something similar here.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/apex-legends/season-3-release-date