Caustic is Apex Legends’ stinkiest hero, and he’s not a popular pick – his abilities are limited to a gas trap and grenade that work more as area denial tools than direct damage dealers. Nevertheless, one Apex Legends player pulled off a full squad wipe using only those special skills, and he orchestrated it so that the feat went down in the toilet.

As our sister site The Loadout reports, Reddit user u/Beanbag1992 posted the clip of the accomplishment to the Apex Legends subreddit. In it, Beanbag is lurking in the rafters of a building, looking over some wall partitions and into a room that contains a small bathroom. His team lures in an enemy squad, letting them down Lifeline and dash in to collect her loot.

When the full squad has packed themselves into the lavatory, Caustic launches his gas trap right at the door, trapping the full squad inside. Then it’s simply a matter of tossing in a gas grenade, and the trio is down and out. Beanbag’s squad erupts in raucous cheers and laughter. It seems they had been working on this gag for quite some time.

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