Apex Legends heirlooms: every heirloom set and how to get them

Want to know what the latest Apex Legends heirlooms are? Heirloom sets contain three cosmetic items: a melee weapon, a banner pose, and a quip, and they’re essentially the rarest cosmetics in the game. There are multiple ways to unlock heirloom sets, but it all boils down to opening Apex Packs, which are primarily earned by leveling up in the battle royale game. So yes, this does mean you have a higher chance of getting an heirloom set if you spend real money.

It’s worth noting that the Apex Legends Season 14 update increased the level cap to 2,000, finally making it possible to unlock an heirloom for free. Prior to this update, it was impossible for players to unlock additional Apex Packs once they reached the level cap. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends heirlooms, including how to unlock them, which Legends have them, and what heirloom set is coming out soon.

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