May 8, 2020 Respawn has provided more detail on what to expect from Apex Legends’ new PvE season quest.

The latest Apex Legends trailer reveals a fresh look at Season 5, and in addition to the usual new character and map changes, it looks like we’re getting a whole new way to play the game, too. The Season Quest system teased in previous reveals ties into a new PvE mode, where you’ll do battle with the prowler beasts introduced back in Bloodhound’s Trials.

You’ll be able new treasure packs nestled among the game’s existing loot, but you’re only able to collect one per day. While you can enter the PvE Hunt mode at any time, you’ll have to have collected five treasure packs to join one for yourself.

New Hunts will be introduced weekly starting on May 19, and all nine take place in nighttime Kings Canyon. You can play the Hunts either solo or with a squad – either way, you’ll search for the location of a hidden artifact, defend a mining bot as it digs that artifact up, and then escape aboard a dropship, all while fighting waves of prowlers.

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