Game fans once had a dream. As government pressure started coming down on videogame violence in past decades – often with some significantly malinformed politicians at the head – we’d often wonder about that future day when our generation started taking office, and people who understood videogames might finally be in charge. While US President Donald Trump’s recent statements on violent games might’ve made that hope waver, it seems we’re finally there.

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared on Instagram this week that she’d made it to Silver IV in League of Legends – a big improvement over her Bronze V position last year. While AOC’s Silver rank was a point of pride when the news made it to Twitter, it turns out she’s not the best League player in Congress.

Instead, that honour belongs to Representative Josh Harder – at least as far as we know. Harder is ranked Platinum, and has a bit of wisdom in mind for his fellow politicians: “Congress might work better if more battles were fought on Summoner’s Rift instead of committee hearings.”

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