League of Legends’ stat-tracking Eternals were not received very well by the community after their initial debut, as players felt that the paid stat trackers were too expensive and just not interesting enough to justify the price. Riot announced a price reduction after the initial PBE rollout, and now the developers have detailed a major revamp to League of Legends Eternals.

There will now be starter sets that you can acquire with either 225 RP or 2500 Blue Essence, offering a way to get Eternals without spending real cash. These track broad, non-champion-specific stats like takedowns, structures destroyed, and epic monsters killed. They’re focused on encouraging teamplay, too, so none of them will require you get last hits.

Eternal capsules provide another way to get Eternals without spending RP. These rewards will be distributed in Ranked Splits, and will provide Orange Essence and a pair of random Set Shards. Set Shards unlock an Eternal for a specific champion when you dump enough Orange Essence into them, and you can disenchant shards for more essence if you’re not interested in a given reward.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/league-of-legends/eternals-changes