Though Samsung included facial unlock functionality with its Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8 Plus handsets, it was quickly upstaged by Apple’s own Face ID technology on the iPhone X, which took a 3D scan of the user’s face to provide more advanced security. 

Now, it appears that Samsung is planning to update its facial unlock tech with “Intelligent Scan Biometrics”, according to hidden information discovered by SamCentral in the Note 8’s Oreo beta settings APK. 

Dubbed Intelligent Scan, the tech will use the “Iris Scanner and Face Recognition together for better results even in low or very bright light,” and will provide “better accuracy and security.” 

Along with last year’s Note 8, it’s highly likely that the technology will find its way into the upcoming Galaxy S9, which will be revealed next month at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. And, if it is indeed being rolled out with Samsung’s Oreo update, there’s a chance it could end up on the S8 and S8 Plus, too. 

SamCentral has also posted a video animation demonstrating how the technology combination will work. You can check that out below.

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