Most Total War games have featured a twist late in the campaign that forces your attention on some sort of endgame challenge – usually something that you haven’t dealt with before. But A Total War Saga: Troy gameplay will offer something a bit different, as your endgame opponent will step up from the factions already on the map.

“We are implementing an endgame escalation in which the game appoints a suitable adversary to serve as an endgame boss,” game designer Todor Nikolov tells us. That adversary will change depending “on whether the player is following a normal flow, like from Greece to Troy, or whether they have betrayed their allies and are going against them. So it’s a new challenge to choose the most appropriate enemy for you to serve as your endgame boss.”

The selected faction will get buffed, “but more importantly we’re also making their AI behavior a bit more unpredictable. It’s supposed to react to what you do to a certain degree, and make plans of its own.” Creative Assembly plans to use a “bespoke interface” to indicate what your rival will be doing.

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