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Yes, we know Spider-Man released a long time ago, but this new video reminds us of why it was great. And if you are pressed for time, it will also only steal a minute out of your day. While short in length, it manages to pack in a lot of content, primarily the many suits Peter Parker can wear through this PlayStation 4 adventure.

If you want to know more about each of these suits, James Stevenson, Insomniac Games’ community director, wrote up a summary for each one on PlayStation Blog. For the Velocity Suit, which debuted in the game and is now the focus of its own comic series, Stevenson says it was “originally designed by legendary Marvel artist and illustrator Adi Granov, who’s known for his Iron Man illustrations. Some angular cuts were added to define the form of the suit and help to introduce a bit of an Iron Man flare to the look. But, the overall goal during the construction of the suit was to stay as true as possible to the original concept.”

If you enjoyed Spider-Man, Stevenson offers a fun read and informative read. Put your eyeballs on it.

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