Month: April 2018

Throwback Thursday: Just one thing

Consultant pilot fish gets a panicked call from a client: “Everything was working fine. We went into a meeting, and when we came out, nothing worked. We couldn’t access the Internet or the server, nor use our VoIP...

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God of War Review

Share. Kratos makes an epic comeback as The Nine Realms’ greatest dad. By Jonathon Dornbush Some of the best films of all time are those whose different strengths all work in concert to create a unified, engrossing whole....

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God Of War Review: Divine Bloodshed

The God of War series has, until now, stuck very close to the standards set in the original 2005 game. More than a decade (and many games) later, it makes sense that Sony would want to mix things up for the aged hack-and-slash...

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